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End the loss
of tradition

Claim your family heritage, traditions, rituals, recipes, and stories as your own.

Image representing Diwali, often called the Festival of Lights

Knowing your roots empowers the future

As we navigated family stories, lost recipes and annual traditions, we uncovered a deep desire to get in touch with the meaning and significance of our cultures. It's not always easy, but together we've found ways to make it more fun.

We’re on a mission to bring together fellow tradition-seekers to claim, honor, document and celebrate their culture and let it live on in their words, thoughts, actions and experiences for generations to come.

Our story

We are daughters of first-generation immigrants who grew up with unique experiences and mixed feelings about our family’s cultural heritage.


Like so many children of immigrants who came to North America in the 1970s and 1980s, we’ve grown to have families of our own and are now charged with bestowing these traditions upon our own children.

Image of Co-Founders, Jennifer & Anika
Jennifer Siripong Mandel

As a child of immigrants who worked hard to assimilate our family into the local community, Jennifer is working to discover and define her own complex identity: being of mixed race, mixed-religion, and mixed-citizenship. Prior to Root & Seed, Jennifer spent 18 years in advertising, helping to build and market digital products.

Anika Chabra

Capturing her family story following the sudden passing of her mom, Anika is taking that experience as fuel to help others document their precious stories before they are lost. As a former advertising business leader and college professor, Anika has launched brands, campaigns and careers for the past two decades.


Meet the team


Content Developer

Emily Groleau

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Head of Product Design

Andrew Succi

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Nimod Narayanan

Technology Lead

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Join us in honouring your past and nurturing your future. Get inspired by the shared love and unique journeys
of those in our community.

In the news

We have been delighted with the response to Root & Seed, and the feedback has really inspired us for how we want to grow and evolve the platform. Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about our mission.

CBC Spotlight - Root & Seed app created by Toronto women helps families preserve stories - Press to Watch
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Join us in honouring your past
and nurturing your future

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