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Listen: delve into cultural inspiration

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Hosted by Anika Chabra

The Root & Seed Podcast

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The Root & Seed Podcast explores culture and family heritage. Hosted by Anika Chabra, join us for rich stories of the past, woven with hopes for the future. Guests share culture sparks, examples of how they honour their roots, stories of celebrations, and ideas for documenting. 


We’re on a journey to rediscover our cultures and ensure they live on for future generations. We hope to inspire you to do the same.

Explore the episodes 

Season 5: Exploring Identity

Who do we think we are? We explore owning our narratives and identity.

Season 4: Documenting Stories

From historical documentaries to fictional memoirs, we explore storytelling.

Season 3: Celebrating Heritage

Explore how others bring their culture to life through holidays and family traditions.

Season 2: Honoring the past

Hear stories about how culture influences how others live, work, and raise families.

Season 1: Claiming Culture

Listen to how others have discovered their own culture, heritage, and family stories.

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