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A community space for discovering unique family stories. Listen, learn and share. Together, we can protect the richness of our heritage by connecting our family’s past, present and future.

The Root & Seed Conversation Tool

Your family’s stories in your own voices

Root & Seed protects your family heritage by collecting your stories in one place. The initial edition provides prompts that help you and your family spark conversations of the past, present and future. To begin saving your family stories, all you need is a phone and an email address.

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The Root & Seed Podcast

Listen: delve into cultural inspiration

Culture and family heritage isn’t all sunshine and roses but it can fill you up, give you pleasure, and take you back while inspiring you forward. Join us for a modern conversation on a traditional subject.


We’re on a journey to rediscover our cultures and ensure they live on for future generations. We hope to inspire you to do the same.

Our origin story

Root & Seed was born of the collaboration between Anika and Jenn, two women with completely different cultural backgrounds and discovery journeys. 


As we navigated family stories, lost recipes and annual traditions, we uncovered a deep desire to get in touch with the meaning and significance of our cultures. It's not always easy, but together we've found ways to make it more fun.


We’re on a mission to bring together fellow tradition-seekers to claim, honour, document and celebrate their culture and let it live on in their words, thoughts, actions and experiences for generations to come.

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Explore your past. Inspire your future.

Root & Seed is a safe space for the discovery of family stories. We aren’t arbiters of culture, but we do love learning about the uniqueness of each other’s heritage. 


Culture is our stories, our mannerisms, our recipes and family traditions. These are the things we want to cherish in our family capsule. Let’s explore each area:



Births, deaths, coming of age, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations – every family has their own spin to them! And some cultures have even more wonderfully specific celebrations.



New Years is the world’s most celebrated holiday, but it's different for every culture. Holidays bring our families together, some with traditions, menus and even special protocols.



Happy, sad, or funny – your stories shape you and your family. From your immigration story to your uncle’s ridiculous antics, let’s never forget them.

The Root & Seed Blog

Read: explore, discover and learn

Sparked to learn more? Read stories of discovery and exploration, significance and meaning, love and loss. Get inspired to explore a deeper relationship with your family (chosen and origin) culture, traditions and identity.


Let's chat

If you have a question, an idea for us to explore, or story to share, let us know!

We love to collaborate, are always looking for contributors, and would love to just say “Hi”.

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Let our community inspire your journey

Join us in honouring your past and nurturing your future. Get inspired by the shared love and unique journeys of those in our community.


This was fun. I feel like talking about this stuff is always so cathartic 'cause it's so hard to talk about reclaiming cultural identity, especially with people who may not understand your lived experience.

- Alex, Korean + Canadian


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