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Start capturing your unique family stories for free.

You’re here for a reason - to discover the inner workings of you and your family. We’re here to facilitate you on your journey to protect your heritage.

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What you can expect

It’s never too early to start saving your family’s stories in one place

Answers to Burning Questions

With Root & Seed, you’ll leave no stone unturned. We supply reflective prompts for adults with an added chance to dig deeper when you need that extra “oomph.” We also provide light-hearted questions initiated by kids, so that they can join the conversation too.

Documentation Made Simple

Life isn’t scripted, so Root & Seed built in features that make everyone feel comfortable sharing no matter the setting. Whether recording audio or taking notes, your stories are privately stored and available to share or download whenever you need. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can upload 3 images per memory.

Special Moments On-the-Go

Important moments can happen anytime, anywhere. Root & Seed is designed for mobile so that you can ask important questions, record special moments or take your family with you wherever you are.  All you need is a phone and email address to get started and you can cancel at any time.

Honour your past and nurture your future by capturing your unique family stories.
Take the first step with us

Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know

Sometimes, you don’t know where to start. Well, that’s why we’re here. Root & Seed tackles the first barrier to collecting your family stories - the questions! We’ll supply the prompts to help you find and save the answers you’ve always wanted to know about your heritage. Memories are multi-sensory, so record audio, jot down text details, and upload photos to capture the full colour of your story.

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Thoughts from our happy community


"My Dad usually just tells the same stories over and over again, but this prompted him with new things to think about, and new stories to tell."

- Anonymous


Tips for using the Conversation Tool

Here are some of our recommendations for when you use the Conversation Tool so that you have the best possible experience.

Update screen settings

Root & Seed will automatically stop recording if your screen locks (this happens when your phone goes to sleep or your screen timeouts), so update your screen settings to avoid losing your conversations.

Get comfortable

Gather your family around and get comfortable. Ask your question, start the recording and put your phone in the middle of the table so you can be present in the moment.

Enjoy your unique stories

Share or download your conversation recordings and save them on your favourite content platform so you can listen to them, like your own private family podcast! Reflect on and cherish your meaningful conversations.

It takes time to learn and grow

Be a tester

The Conversation Tool is live, but we have many plans to grow the tool, improve functionality, and add features. 


Sign up to be the first to test future releases and provide feedback to help us constantly improve and evolve our digital tool.

Thanks for signing up to be a tester! We appreciate your help and will be in touch soon.